Regina Adraoui is one of Houston’s emerging artists.

Born in New Jersey, raised in Boston, seasoned in New York City.

She has lived in the Houston area for 10 years.


Regina is self-taught.

She has been working in acrylics since 2014 and selling both nationally

(California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Texas)

as well as internationally (Mexico, Bermuda).

She has several works in a gallery in Brevard, NC.


Her art range expands from small, tight drawings to larger shapes and bold colors

which incorporate several styles: illustrative, primitive, decorative, abstract.


The natural world and its creatures serve as the inspiration that permeates all

of her work from nature-scapes, organic-geometrics, floral pattern mats, pet portraits

to line drawings and illustrations.


Regina is currently working on landscape abstracts.


Her artistic intention is to lift the spirit, to inspire and to add color to peoples’ lives.


Artists of inspiration are: Franz Marc, Henri Matisse, Joan Mitchell, Georgia O’Keeffe,

Diego Rivera, Henri Rousseau.


My favorite corner

Katrina, my favorite cat

© by Regina Adraoui. All rights reserved.

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