My first drawing memory was that of drawing horses with my father.

I grew-up in nature - surrounded by animals and gardens ... riding horses, running with dogs, gardening, swimming, getting lost in woods with my best friend.

I've been drawing since childhood.

I did theatre in high school; then I went to college as an attempt to develop an academic career.

I continued drawing throughout most of my life.

I found it easier and less costly to use and to transport pen and pad during my journeys than it was to move with paints and easel.

Life has settled somewhat.

I am now exploring the paint world.

Picasso started painting before he could talk.

Grandma Moses started painting at age 78.

The rest of all artists fall somewhere in between.

I salute and thank those artists and friends who have influenced, encouraged and supported me.

May we continue to support each other and flood the universe with beauty, inspiration, revelation, hope and color.

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